SWEA 2019 Weekplan 6

The learning goals for Week 40 are:

Mon: Theory of roles, responsibility, and protocol. Principles of compositional design. Wed: Multi-dimensional variance.



Notes for this weekplan:

I will again start the Monday lectures with some hints for the mandatory, and related it to how to exchange information between delegates in compositional designs. A former TA, Finn R Jensen, wrote a note about this problem, you can find his note here context-information (PDF).

Additional exercises:

16.5 17.5 18.4 19.6 36.28

Rehearse a test stub exam situation using an exercise in the example exam question set: demo-question-final-2018.pdf.

Next, do a 10 minute presentation at the whiteboard in front of your team.

The team provides constructive feedback on the presentation: Is your presentation clear and understandable, do you discuss the concepts and terms correctly, is you Java example code correct, etc. Swap and ensure all in the team gets a chance to rehearse the situation.

Legend: The typography bold, normal, (brackets), above indicate my perception of how important the exercises are from high to optional. However, solve the mandatory project first!.