Weekplan / SWEA

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WeekLearning Goals
Week 1 Mon: Introduction to the course. Testing and Test-driven Development. Wed: TDD continued. The HotCiv project.
Week 2 Mon: Software Configuration Management, Git. Release and Branching Strategies. Wed: Build Management, Gradle.
Week 3 Mon: The Strategy pattern derived. Wed: Refactoring and Integration Testing. Definitions of Design Patterns.
Week 4 Mon: Code Quality. Wed: Maintainability and Flexibility.
Week 5 Mon: Variability Management and 3-1-2. State. Wed: (Lectures cancelled; replaced by 'talking powerpoints') Test Stubs. Abstract Factory.
Week 6 Mon: Theory of roles, responsibility, and protocol. Principles of compositional design. Wed: Multi-dimensional variance.
Week 7 Mon: Pattern Catalogue Wed: Pattern Catalogue.
Week 8 Mon: (Week 43): Systematic Testing: Equivalence Class Partitioning. Wed: Code Coverage. Dependency Management.
Week 9 Mon: MiniDraw - an example framework. Wed: Framework Theory and Template Method.
Week 10 Mon: Networking. Wed: Quality Attributes.
Week 11 Mon: Broker I: Distribution and Remote Method Invocation. Wed: HTTP. Outlook to Java RMI.
Week 12 Mon: Web architectures. URI Tunneling. Broker II: Object references. Wed: Broker II: Compositional Dispatchers. REST.
Week 13 Mon: Concurrency and Thread Programming Wed: Course Evaluation. Outlook to Multithreaded Servers.
Week 14 Mon: Exam and course evaluation discussion. Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Wed: Cancelled.